Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Is Good

   Life sometimes has a way of working out.
   I had an awful week. Tons of tests. (Don't worry, I am not just going to complain this whole time.)

   Anyway, very stressed I came home from school on Wednesday. All the sudden, I saw this...

Then her baby came out of the woods to join her.

Licking the baby's head...

So then, feeling better, I went out to see the chickens. They always have a way of cheering me up.

Look what I noticed in this picture later...

Piper peeking at me (sigh)!

But, then when I went inside...

We have been hatching butterflies and finally the first one hatched!
More on that another time.

All this on the day I needed cheering up the most...

See you all next Monday!

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