Monday, October 6, 2014

Hit the Spot

   So this is my next installment of the chicken's personalities. Speckles is this weeks lucky participant.
   Such a cute little chick! Well, I have never seen a chick that is not cute, but still!

   She is very curious. Not overly curious like Piper; Piper is in a curiosity level all her own. Still, very curious.

Here she is pecking her own toe. Did she not know what it was?

   Speckles also loves chasing bugs. I have seen her run from one end of the pen to the other. Always watching the bug she was running after.

   Speckles is sweet. Not the most friendly, but very friendly none the less. She might not be the first to come over to see me. However, when she does, she stays on my lap. Sometimes until I have to lift her off. 
   Speaking of picking her up, she doesn't mind it at all. I can just lift her and she doesn't complain at all. I have never had a chicken been so calm about this. 

   All this is beside the fact that she is gorgeous! Speckles is a great little chicken that I am loving having in my flock!

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  1. Aww, she looks like a sweetie. She reminds me of my Blue Andalusian hen, Charcoal. :)