Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Free Range

Our first chickens were free range.

For our new chickens we decided against this.

There were some good things about free ranging, but many bad. These are some of the reasons.

The Good:
   One thing I loved about having a free range flock was being able to always see the chickens. They could also always see us. They loved looking through the back door and watching us.

They also just looked so happy roaming around in the yard.

The Bad:

Poop. Just poop.

Also, when free ranging the chickens completely destroyed our lawn.

Our lawn when we first got the chicks.

Our lawn after they grew up. 

   And the obvious. Predators. Hawks were the initial problem.
   After the first attack we hung pie plates from fishing wire across the yard. This was completely ineffective and horribly ugly. Because of that reason I do not have any pictures of this stage of the free range.
   Even when we partly covered a smaller area, Sunny died.

This was still pretty ugly.

We had to completely cover a small enclosure. Then the fox got in. You just can't win sometimes...

I will see you next week!

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