Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Is Good

   Life sometimes has a way of working out.
   I had an awful week. Tons of tests. (Don't worry, I am not just going to complain this whole time.)

   Anyway, very stressed I came home from school on Wednesday. All the sudden, I saw this...

Then her baby came out of the woods to join her.

Licking the baby's head...

So then, feeling better, I went out to see the chickens. They always have a way of cheering me up.

Look what I noticed in this picture later...

Piper peeking at me (sigh)!

But, then when I went inside...

We have been hatching butterflies and finally the first one hatched!
More on that another time.

All this on the day I needed cheering up the most...

See you all next Monday!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall In Love

   Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn! This is my absolute favorite season. Cool but not cold... Sunny but breezy... Ah! Autumn! So, to celebrate here are some pictures I took the other day.

There is this giant maple tree in our side yard. The leaves always change really early. It has already started to change and it is beautiful!

The first bright red leaves have started to fall!

Speaking of red, I planted some marigolds in the summer and now they are in full bloom.

OK, so this one is orange. You get the point...

I showed the chickens that bright leaf from before. Lets just say they were excited...

Nutmeg was particularly interested

Lizzy eating the leaf (sigh)...

Then she stole the whole leaf (sigh again).

Once Lizzy got tired of my leaf, Speckles investigated. 

   Well that's it! Hope you guys enjoy these lovely fall days as much as I do! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Daisy's Guide to Eating Bugs

   The other day I was sitting out with the chickens and Daisy caught my eye. She was eating a worm. But, she was doing it in her own special way. I had ever seen a chicken eating a worm like this. So, here is Daisy's Guide to Eating Bugs. 

Step 1: Find a Bug

   Once you find your bug be sure to run away as fast as possible to keep it away from the other chickens. They want the bug as much as you do. 

Step 2: Kill The Bug
   This is the most important step. It is vital, VITAL, that you totally kill the bug. Others are not as concerned with this step but it is extremely important. Pick up the bug. Wave the bug around. Put the bug down. Repeat.

To totally kill a bug it takes patience and time. This is exhausting.

I recommend sitting down.

Step 3: Eat the Bug

The best part!

Step 4: Find a New Bug
   No matter how many bugs you eat, there are always more... So go find the next one!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Birds of a Feather

   One of the things I picked my breeds for was beauty. I loved seeing their colors coming in! Now that they are here, they are yours to enjoy!

Finally her name makes sense!

Lizzy and her beautiful barred stripes.

Her beautiful feathers are iridescent in the sun!

Sleepy has beautiful iridescent black and brown feathers. 

Gorgeous bright yellow feathers

A rather plain if elegant red

Piper's colors were a surprise because of her breed. Easter Eggers do not have a standard color. She turned out to be gold and black; fading into each other. Her head is all gold and tail is all black. Beautiful!

I think she might be the prettiest! I adore her coloring!

I hope you enjoyed this and I will see you next week!