Monday, September 15, 2014

Daisy's Guide to Eating Bugs

   The other day I was sitting out with the chickens and Daisy caught my eye. She was eating a worm. But, she was doing it in her own special way. I had ever seen a chicken eating a worm like this. So, here is Daisy's Guide to Eating Bugs. 

Step 1: Find a Bug

   Once you find your bug be sure to run away as fast as possible to keep it away from the other chickens. They want the bug as much as you do. 

Step 2: Kill The Bug
   This is the most important step. It is vital, VITAL, that you totally kill the bug. Others are not as concerned with this step but it is extremely important. Pick up the bug. Wave the bug around. Put the bug down. Repeat.

To totally kill a bug it takes patience and time. This is exhausting.

I recommend sitting down.

Step 3: Eat the Bug

The best part!

Step 4: Find a New Bug
   No matter how many bugs you eat, there are always more... So go find the next one!

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