Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our Chickens: How It Began

Our adventure with chickens began in 2010.

My Dad's work friend (I'll call her D) had a small flock and was interested in getting some chicks.  Fortunately for my family D asked us to raise them for her (my Dad was always talking to her about her chickens).  The original plan was to give them back once they grew up, but my whole family fell in love with the little puffballs and she let us keep them.

I am still so grateful for that.

So one day, D pulled into our driveway with chicks and supplies in tow.  She had brought a wire enclosure for the chicks to go outside in, so we set it up in our yard.

D then unlatched the door to a pet carrier and four of the cutest, fluffiest things I have ever seen peered through the door at the new world.

My sister and I quickly chose naming rights. I named the two yellow ones, she named the two black and white ones.

And so that is how Hazel (a Red Star), Sunny (a Buff Orpington), Julie (a Silver Laced Wyandotte), and Ceci (a Silver Speckled Hamburg) came into my life and changed it forever.

From left to right, Sunny, Hazel, Julie, and Ceci