Monday, March 2, 2015

Evil Chicken: Part 2

   So continuing from last week...

   Speckles just got moved in with her old friends after isolation. From what I read online, this was supposed to move her down on the pecking order. However, the other chickens welcomed her back without pause...

   I had never seen that before. Every other time we have had to reintroduce a chicken to the flock there is always fighting. Pecking, flapping, something! But not this time.

   We watched them for for a while and all seemed well. Speckles appeared to be cured of her evil ways and ready to rejoin normal chicken life. I was perfectly happy until the next day...

   When I first walked into the coop, Raven was the first thing I saw. What was at first had been a deep cut at best had been turned into a wound down to the muscle! It was definitely the worst thing I had ever seen! (By the way, I will not be including any pictures of her wound.)

   My Dad and I brought Raven in and washed the gash thoroughly. Then we put her in the pen we recently kept Speckles in.

   Well, after this we didn't know what to do about Speckles. She couldn't stay in the coop (that was for certain), and we couldn't keep her in our mudroom for any long length of time. I also didn't have the heart to give her away. I wouldn't want to burden anyone else and I did raise her from her second day alive. 

   But, finally, we found the solution!

   The little red coop. This was the coop my original small flock lived in. It had been unused since their death.

   All we needed to do was get a new waterer, put some bedding in, and find the extension cord for the heat lamp. 
   It is kind of a pain to take care of two coops but it is definitely better than having to deal with a bleeding chicken.

   We are reintroducing Raven today! I hope it goes well!

   See you next week!

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