Monday, February 23, 2015

Evil Chicken: Part 1

   I am very sorry about last week! Anyway, this is what was going on.
   One day last week, I went out to see the chickens and Raven was bleeding. She hadn't been attacked by a predator, but by Speckles. Speckles has been kind of mean lately. She pecked at everyone's feathers so they all look really rough. This was, however, a new low.

   We cleaned Raven up as much as we could and put her back in the coop, but Speckles could not stay. I read online that you should separate the bully to try and correct the behavior.

   We used an old puppy cage  and set it up in our mudroom.

    Speckles was NOT happy about it, but she had everything she needed and she was away from the other chickens.

   Finally, after a full week of isolation, we put her back in. Lets just say, things did not go to plan...

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