Monday, February 9, 2015

Pet Peeves

   As much as I love my chickens, they can do some things that can be somewhat annoying.

   First off, when they don't lay their eggs in the nesting boxes.

   It is so much easier when they lay in the nesting box. Then I can just open the door and get the eggs. However, when they lay the eggs in the middle of the floor, I have to crouch down under the perches to reach it. Also, sometimes the chickens end up stepping on and breaking the egg... It is just a mess.

   Second, whenever I have to take the water out of the coop to fill or clean it, they become instantly thirsty.

   They act like they haven't had water in weeks and freak out. They do this even if they weren't interested in the water only moments before.

   Third, when they get very interested in clothing or jewelry.

   Once one chicken finds something "interesting" they all do. 

   Next, is one of the most annoying. 

   Every time I open the coop door or the door to the nesting boxes, all the chickens try to come out. I have to pick them up and try to get them back in the door. 

   Finally, this one definitely involves this blog.

   It is the most annoying thing when I am about to take the photo and just before, the chickens move. You guys don't know how many blurry pictures I have because of this.

   Well thank you for reading and I hope to see you here next week!

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