Monday, February 2, 2015

Its Not Easy Being Green

   Olive is such a good little chicken! She is a Red Star. I had another Red Star, Hazel. I liked her so much, when I ordered the new flock I just had to get another. 

   One thing about Olive is that she is very food driven. Her favorite part of life is the treats. If I don't bring treats when I go visit the coop, she gets very fussy. 

   Olive does love to complain. She is very vocal when she is not happy. She complains when I don't bring treats. She complains when I collect eggs. She complains when I open the coop door. 

Olive's color may look plain, but it adds some nice color to the flock.

   Olive is a very sweet bird despite some of these "issues". She lays a lot of eggs and is never mean to the other chickens. I am definitely glad to have her in my little flock.

   Sorry I posted this so late! I slept in a lot!

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