Monday, December 8, 2014

The Golden Egg

   Well, it finally happened! The first egg!

   I went out to check on the chicken's food and I noticed Olive standing near the nesting boxes. I had seen her squatting a few days earlier. (Squatting is when mature chickens squat down and raise their shoulders. It is a sign the chicken will start to lay soon.)  So, I decided, just for fun, to check. And there it was!

It had this weird hole in the bottom. Possibly from being pecked, possibly from being dropped?

   If you have not raised chickens, it is hard to explain the excitement of a first egg.  Months of work.
Then finally, FINALLY, a single wonderful egg. 

  By the way, all that work tastes great!

   Thanks Olive!

Thanks to my dear friend Bridget, who helped me with the title!


  1. That's funny, one of my pullets just laid her first egg today!
    Also, the hole on the bottom is due the drop after the egg is pushed out. This often happens to my chickens when I don't put enough shavings in the nesting boxes.

  2. Thank you so much! I was really curious about that hole!