Monday, December 29, 2014


   2014 was a great year. I got the chicks, they all survived, and now I am getting eggs! I hope you all have enjoyed following along on this blog. So to celebrate 2014, here are my fourteen favorite pictures of 2014. Some you may have seen before, some are new. 

14. Winter Wonderland
   I took this right after the big snowstorm of Thanksgiving break.

13. Blue Egg
   This was Piper's first egg. You have no idea how excited I was to find it!

12. Speckles in the Brooder
   Because of the red light, most of the pictures in the brooder don't tend to come out well. However, this picture of Speckles is too cute not to include!

11. Olive
   This wonderful picture of Olive was taken about the time that the new pen was built.

10. Lizzy Photo Bombing
   I just love the way Lizzy snuck into the background of this photo. And the expression on her face is just priceless!

9, 8, 7. First Day Outside
   You can almost see the confused look on their faces as the chicks see grass for one of the first times.


Daisy and Piper

Daisy and Lizzy

6. Lizzy Looking

5. Lizzy
   If I sit down in the pen, the chickens will still run over to sit on my lap like they did when they were little.

4. Teenagers
   Even though Sleepy looks a little rough, this is still an interesting picture. 

3. Silly Chicken
   This picture just makes me laugh! It reminds me of her personality.

2. Speckles

1. Puffy Cheeks
   So here it is! My favorite picture! I just can't get over how cute Piper was as a chick. That really shows through in this perfect picture.

   I hope you liked 2014 and here's to an even better 2015!

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