Monday, December 15, 2014

Easter Egg

   Well, once we got one egg, more were soon to follow. I have been getting eggs all this week. One day we got four eggs!

I don't know why the last egg looks white... It is really is about the color of the egg next to it.

   But then, yesterday we got something extra special!

   Piper laid her first egg! She is an Easter Egger, which means, you guessed it, she lays colored eggs!

Piper's egg just happens to be this lovely blue. Other Easter Eggers can lay green eggs.

   Now if you were wondering, the eggs are completely safe to eat. There is nothing that makes them different from a regular egg. Except the color of course!

   Also, each chicken only lays one color. So we will always get these blue eggs from Piper. I am definitely not complaining though! What a cool color!

It is a perfect funny little egg from my perfect funny chicken.

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