Tuesday, August 26, 2014

All That Glitters

   Unless you have chickens, you might not know that their personalities are all different. Now that my girls are getting older, I can really see their personalities taking shape. Some are still a mystery, but most are becoming clear.
   One chicken with a very distinct personality is Piper.

   She is a bit strange. Both in looks and how she acts. She is an Easter Egger so she has big puffy cheeks instead of wattles.

This makes me laugh every day!

   She is also very... curious. Overly curious. Way overly curious. She loves to peck clothing. Most chickens peck at tags or zippers a few times, then lose interest. 
   Piper does something very different. She picks a random spot on my shirt. Nowhere with writing. Nowhere with a seam. Just a spot. Then she scrapes it with her beak. Over and over. At least 6 or seven times. 

She never understands jeans. No matter how many times I wear them, she just doesn't get them. 

   Maybe its just just her cheeks that makes her look crazy. Maybe she was bred for beauty and not brains. Either way she is a incredibly sweet if weird chicken that I must admit I love!

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