Monday, August 4, 2014

Best Foot Forward

   You always hear that chickens are related to dinosaurs. When I look at my chickens,  I always find this hard to believe... Until I see their feet. It is always so weird to see the two skinny scaly legs sticking out from their feathery bodies. This is with chicks especially because their feet are growing very quickly. They also all have different colored legs which I find very interesting.

   These are Olive's legs they are a lovely bright orange color.

Sleepy's legs are even more bright orange.

    These pretty gray legs are Piper's.

Daisy's legs are a light beige. 

   Lizzie and Raven's legs are a black in the front and a light pink in the back. I find this especially strange. Maybe as they grow their legs will become more one or the other.

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