Monday, June 8, 2015

Coming Up Roses

   One of my favorite parts of summer is having a garden! My Mom loves to garden, but I have my own little garden in our yard.

   My garden is in a raised bed. This is a wooden frame filled with good soil. My mother built this for me a few years ago because my yard in this spot is mostly sand

   This is what my garden looked like before I started working on it. I use the large flat rocks as stepping stones. 

   First I raked through it and loosened the dirt. 

   Then I planted the flowers. I bought two packs of a "butterfly mix" at a local store. These are flowers that supposedly attract butterflies. Most years I plant mostly vegetables, but this year I just planted flowers. 

   The flowers very quickly sprouted...

   I can't wait for them to flower and I will definitely post when they do!

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