Monday, April 27, 2015

Spring Fever

   As I have said before (most likely multiple times), it is finally spring. The chickens definitely have spring fever, as they showed me this week!

   I am sorry for the lack of pictures in this post. I had some technical difficulties...

   I am constantly looking out the windows to check on the chickens. I think this is probably because of the predator attacks we have had in the past.

   Anyway, one day last week, I looked out the window and the chickens were all over the yard!

   They have stripped their small winter pen of any green that had started to grow. With the lawn in full swing, it must have been irresistible.

   The chickens found a weak point in the fence and burst through... Except for Piper of course. Her stupidity has apparently not improved since last year and she could not find the gaping hole in the fence. (Sigh.)

   I was able to lure them all back inside with the help of some mealworms. It makes me think though. If the chickens can get out, what can get in? I think its time to build a new pen!

   See you next week!

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