Monday, July 21, 2014

Coop Part 1: A Place to Call Home

   My parents started building the new coop in October of last year. They just finished it. Ya, I know. Home projects in my house don't get finished very quickly.
   Everyone in my family has an opinion about the coop. My Mom wanted it to be pretty, I wanted it to be big, and my Dad has many many small opinions that he later retracts after he realizes Mom or I had the right idea. So building one coop that we all agreed on turned out to be challenging. There are many pieces of paper with coop design scribbles all over them floating around our house. We finally decided on a eight by ten modified shed.
   When I say my parents built the coop, I mean it. I cut some wire and held a few things while someone else nailed them, but not much else. I am very lucky they would do all this basically for me (and eight chickens).
   The leveling was the first thing to do. The area we chose for the coop was basically a big slope, so we needed to fill it with sand to extent it.

My dogs love to "help".

   Next the platform.

As I said, so helpful. 

   The walls were next. They were built in the garage then brought to the platform.

The beginning of the roof went up after that.  

   My parents rented a scaffolding to put the roofing up.

   Mom made the most beautiful double doors! Any trim here is just tacked up to see how it looked.

   Then winter hit and we had to wait until Spring to begin work again.
   We painted the doors a beautiful blue (my favorite color).

   And that is were I have to cut myself off. I could ramble on about the coop forever. Come back next week to hear more!

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