Monday, June 30, 2014


   The chicks are here! We got the call at 10:10 am on Tuesday. (I was very impressed by this because they hatched on Monday and had to come from Ohio to New Hampshire.) We ran over to the post office as soon as we could and picked them up at 10:30.

    One of my big worries was one of the chicks would die on the trip. However I am happy to say this did not happen and they all arrived safely!

   And so let me introduce...

Nutmeg (Welsummer)

Piper (Easter Egger)

Lizzie (Barred Rock)

Raven (Australorp) 

Daisy (Buff Orpington)

Olive (Golden Comet)

Speckles (Specked Sussex)

Sleepy (Double Laced Barnevelder)
Originally Penny but thanks to an unfortunate early nickname, no one will call her by her real name.

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