Sunday, May 11, 2014


   So, on November 25, 2013 I ordered our new chicks! I ordered from My Pet Chicken. I chose this place because they could send as little as three chicks. Also they don't send "extra" chicks for warmth.

   I am getting five more chicks. One Australorp, one Easter Egger,  one Barnevelder, one Barred Rock, and one Welsummer.

   The hatch date is June 23, 2014. (Yes I know I ordered early. I just wanted to be positive I got the breeds I wanted on the date I wanted.) I chose a date this late so that I would be out of school and I could spend as much time as possible with the new fluff balls.

   However, the obstacles I discussed in my last post were still there. Here are the answers I found for them...

1. Space
We build a new coop! Or I should say my parents built a new coop. I hammered a few nails and painted a few things, but they did everything else! It is not finished yet but here are some pictures of it in construction.

Don't worry our chickens are not as spoiled as it looks. They are only getting half of the building in the picture. The little red square in the bottom left is our old coop.

2. Pecking Order
I did some research on ways to integrate the new chickens into the old. There is not much I can do for this one but hopefully these tricks should help.

3. Roosters
We ordered sexed chicks. This is not a one hundred percent guarantee, but it should help our chances. 

   I can barely wait!                                                                       

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