Saturday, May 3, 2014


   Ever since my first set of chicks grew up, I have always fantasized about getting more. More cuteness, more fun, more eggs... but some things have always stood in the way.

1. Space
Our current coop is great. It gets the job done and it has all the basics. What it does not have, is space for more chickens.

2. Pecking Order
I am very worried about upsetting the balance in my flock. I know the pecking order does happen and must happen, but it just makes me sad. I just want them all to be friends (even if this is realistic or not).

3. Roosters
I am technically allowed to have roosters in my area. However, I do not think my neighbors would love a rooster as much as I would. Also, I am afraid of getting an aggressive roo.

   I am a rational person and have been able to keep my chick dreams down because of these reasons. But, then my Dad says something like "But remember the first chicks?". And of course I do remember and then... unexpected things happen.

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