Monday, January 12, 2015

Fresh as a Daisy

My Buff Orpington is named Daisy.

    She was such a friendly little chick. Whenever someone would come to see the chicks, we would let them hold Daisy because she was so calm.

   When they were chicks, Olive and Daisy looked very similar. They were both yellow. However, as Olive became a red color, Daisy stayed her cute yellow.

Here, Olive is the yellow chick closer to the top of the picture. 
Daisy is the one closer to the bottom. 

   If Piper is stupid, Daisy is smart. She was the first one to learn how to take dust baths. (This is when chickens scratch dirt and dust through their feathers. This cleans them.)

   She is high in the pecking order, but doesn't really seem to care. She is always apart from the others. Always kind of doing her own thing. 

   Another thing about Daisy is her size. She is definitely the biggest girl in my flock. I think a lot of that might just be fluffy feathers, but still! She is huge!

   She always has an almost thoughtful expression on her face, which I absolutely love!

   See you next Monday!

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